GREEN Georgy Pavlovich

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GREEN Georgy Pavlovich (1878 — 1951) — the Soviet physiologist, I. P. Pavlov's pupil. In 1901 ended medical f-t Kiev un-that.

GREEN Georgy Pavlovich

Since 1905 worked in Ying-those experimental medicine and in 1907 protected dokt, the thesis devoted to studying of reaction of a dog to sound irritants. In 1919 in Petrograd veterinary in-those organized department of physiology, to-ruyu headed from 1921 to

1951 P. Zeleny published the St. 70 scientific works devoted to researches of the sound analyzer at animals, physiology of gastric secretion, pathology of century of N of of animals and the person. It showed that at the dogs deprived by an operational way of bark of hemicerebrums the most difficult instinctive reflexes, napr, a reflex of a game, and, perhaps, formation of the elementary conditioned reflexes remain; described reflex reaction to time and to the termination of a sound, collected materials about ugasatelny and differentiating inhibition, summation and generalization of excitement at presentation of conditioned excitators; developed an original technique of development of motive conditioned reflexes. Researches G. P. Green were of great importance for development of the doctrine about conditioned and instinctive reflexes.

Works: Materials to a question of reaction of a dog to sound irritations, a yew., SPb., 1907; The Dog without hemispheres, a great brain, Works Ob-va of Russian doctors in St.-Petersburg for 1911 — 1912, page 50, SPb., 1912; Results of the latest works over dogs without brain hemispheres, in book: Psikho-nevrol. sciences in the USSR, under the editorship of A. B. Zalkind, page 92, M. — L., 1930.

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P. S. Kupalov.