GRAUERMAN Grigory Lvovich

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GRAUERMAN Grigory Lvovich (1861 — 1921) — the domestic obstetrician-gynecologist, the public figure and the organizer of obstetric aid.

GRAUERMAN Grigory Lvovich

Ended natural f-t St. Petersburg un-that (1885) and medical f-t Moscow un-that (1889). Upon termination of — the intern of gynecologic and surgical departments Moscow Old and Ekaterina's-tsy; since 1907 the manager. maternity hospital of S. V. Lepyokhin, and in 1910 — 1921 would head for puerperal patients of Timister. In 1900 made in obstetric and gynecologic about-ve at Moscow un-those the report on «To a Question of the Organization of Obstetric Care in Moscow», and in 1903 with the message on «To Statistics of Puerperal Diseases and Mortality at Them in Moscow from 1897 to 1903 in connection with a Question of Establishment of Special Department for the Diseased with Puerperal Forms». In these works he noted essential shortcomings of the organization of obstetric aid of Moscow. To them it was established that only in a third of cases to women in labor there is a medical aid, and to much from addressed in maternity shelters it is refused reception. Among the women in childbirth who are in maternity homes very high percent of complications is observed by septic diseases. Proceeding from these materials, G. L. Grauerman insisted on the organization of larger maternity shelters for assistance to women in labor at patol, childbirth, at opening of shelters for pregnant women, the organization of special department of puerperal diseases. Aiming to carry out the idea about improvement of protection of motherhood and the childhood, he organized out-patient clinic on female diseases, consultation for children till 1 year, milk kitchen, read a cycle of popular lectures on obstetrics for the population. G. L. Grauerman's ideas about improvement of the help to mothers and children found the broad practical implementation only after Great October socialist revolution. His name is appropriated to maternity hospital No. 7 in Moscow.

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