granuloma of the PERSON with an eosinophilia

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GRANULOMA of the PERSON with an eosinophilia (Latin granulum a kernel + - oma) — the high-quality inflammatory delimited infiltrate in a derma containing a large number of eosinophils.

Fig. 10. A granuloma with a brilliant surface.

Of l. the form from group of eosinophilic granulomas is allocated as nozol, to G. Pink som in 1949; it is observed seldom, it is exclusive at adults.

Etiology it is unknown; a certain part is assigned to an injury and the subsequent infection; the allergic nature of a disease as a result of a sensitization of an organism at the expense of the centers of a focal infection, pharmaceuticals is supposed, etc.

Epidermis is not changed or a little thinned by Patogistologiya; in a derma — the developments of stagnation, focal and perivascular polymorphocellular infiltrates consisting (in a leukocytic stage) from histiocytes, eosinophils, neutrophils or (in later, fibroblastichesky, stages) — from plasmocytes, lymphocytes, fibroblasts.

The clinical picture

On face skin (cheeks, a forehead, temples, a nose) appears a single spot (seldom a little) or slightly condensed infiltrate in the form of a plaque of yellow-brownish, brown or bluish-red color from 0,5 to 5 cm in the diameter; a consistence — from soft to moderately dense. The smooth surface which is not shelled and it is frequent with teleangiectasias. The plaque does not ulcerate (tsvetn. fig. 10), Subjective feelings are absent. Course of a disease chronic.

Diagnosis put on the basis a wedge, and gistol, data, differentiate with lupus erythematosus (see), sarcoidosis (see), a high-quality lymphadenosis (see. Leukoses ), etc.

Treatment — corticosteroid drugs outwardly or vnutrikozhno in a zone of the center of defeat.

Forecast concerning life favorable, cases of a malignancy were not observed. Full treatment, as a rule, does not come; a recurrence is described.

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