GRAIN STILLAGE Yakov Yulyevich

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GRAIN STILLAGE Yakov Yulyevich

GRAIN STILLAGE Yakov Yulyevich (1857 — 1929) — the Russian Soviet microbiologist, I. I. Mechnikov's pupil. Ended Novorossiysk un-t, and then BMA (1883). Was I. I. Mechnikov's assistant in the organization by it together with Η. F. Gamaleey in Odessa the Russia's first and second in the world (after Pasterovskaya) the antirabic station (1886) transformed then in Ying t of Mechnikov. In 1888 — 1890 directed this station. Since 1895 until the end of life conducted a course of microbiology in Novorossiysk un-those (Odessa).

I. 10. Grain stillage — the author more than 40 scientific works on rage, diphtheria, belly and returnable typhus, on microbiology of the Odessa estuaries and fields of irrigation. A large merit of Ya. Yu. Bardakh — receiving by it irrespective of Beringa (E. A. Behring) and Ru (R.R.E. Roux) antidiphtherial serum. Having published the first data in 1893, Ya. Yu. Bardakh stated results of researches on diphtheria in the dokt, the thesis (1894). Its researches on development of a technique of production of tuberculine are known. Paid much attention to a research of active reaction of cells of an organism in an immunogenesis. Among Ya. Yu. Bardakh's pupils there is D. K. Zabolotny, V. K. Stefansky, A. N. Krishtofovich, etc. He was the chairman of the scientific medical island in Odessa and the honorary member of the St. Petersburg microbiological island.

Works: To a question of safety inoculations against rage, Doctor, t. 8, No. 2, page 25, 1887; To the doctrine about a diphtheria, about ways of its protection and treatment by dog blood serum, Southern Russian medical gas., No. 4, page 51, 1893; Researches on diphtheria, to the doctrine about protection and treatment of diphtheria blood serum of artificial and unreceptive dogs, M., 1894.

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Yu. I. Milenushkin.