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GONOTROFICHESKY CYCLE (grech, gonos the birth, a seed + trophe food) — set of the interconnected processes of food and reproduction at blood-sicking insects of group of flies. Females of blood-sicking flies can postpone several layings; each yaytsekladka is preceded by the act of a krovososaniye. Thus, life of a female consists of a number of the c following one after another G., which cause a role of blood-sicking insects as carriers of infections. The krovososaniye can pass in the nature on different, including and on infected, animal; attacking then the person and making parasitic contact it with the wild nature, blood-sicking insects can become carriers of causative agents of diseases (see. Carriers , Natural ochagovost , prirodnoochagovy diseases, Transmissible diseases ). Frequency of food blood and the parallelism of processes of digestion and development of ovaries designated as gonotrofichesky harmony are inherent to all families of blood-sicking lowest flies: to mosquitoes (see. Mosquitoes blood-sicking ), to midges (see), to wood lice (see), to gadflies (see), to mosquitoes (see).

Existence of communication between these processes for the first time was noted by G. A. Kozhevnikov in 1903. In case of gonotrofichesky harmony reception of one full portion of blood is necessary and sufficient for maturing of one portion of eggs. Each G. of c., according to V. N. Beklemishev (1940, 1944), consists of three phases: search of production, attack and act of a krovososaniye; digestion of blood and maturing of eggs; search of a reservoir and otkladka of eggs. A sell (M. of Sella, 1920) the Anofeles divided the 1st and 2nd phases of a cycle into 7 stages differing on extent of digestion of blood and development of ovaries at mosquitoes of a sort. Stages are distinguishable by outward of an abdomen. Number G. of c., done by a female, is her indicator fiziol. age. Knowing each G.'s duration of c. and fiziol, age of a female, it is possible to calculate calendar age of a carrier, i.e. number of the days lived by it. Methods of determination of duration of all three phases of a cycle and methods of definition fiziol, age of females of carriers are described by T. S. Detinova (1962). Studying of gonotrofichesky relationship and fiziol, age of females allows to define age composition of populations of a look, epidemiol, the importance of carriers, to estimate efficiency of the held antiimaginal events and to differentiate methods of controlling for separate groups of bloodsuckers.

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