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GONG Otto (1764 — 1832) — the domestic doctor, the doctor of medicine (1788), one of founders of medical geography in Russia. Was born in Jelgava. Upon termination of medical f-that in Goettingen worked in Riga (1789 — 1803), Moscow (1804 — 1807), in the Russian Embassy in France, and then in St. Petersburg (1811 — 1813). In 1813 returned to Riga where on its initiative «the Aleksandrovsky height» of the Liflyandsky order of public contempt, and also Ospoprivivatelny institute would be open for carrying out inoculations and training in smallpox vaccination. O. Gong actively implemented and propagandized antismallpox vaccination. One of the first in Russia published medikogeografichesky descriptions of the districts of the Baltics in which generalized data about a dignity. state, incidence, activity of hospitals and resorts. In 1796 began use in to lay down. purposes of mineral waters of the Kemer sources (nowadays resort of Kemeri Latv. SSR).

Works: The topographical description of the city of Riga with adding of medical observations, the lane with it., SPb., 1804; Universal introduction of safety smallpox in the European and Asian Russia, M., 1807; Addition to medico-topographical description of Liflyandiya with adding of the sheet about a condition of smallpox and drawings of country log huts and baths, the lane with it., SPb., 1814.

Bibliography: Stradyn P. I. and Vasilyev K. G. Doktuor Ottong Gong is the outstanding figure of domestic medicine, in book: From history medical, under the editorship of P. I. Stradynya, etc., t. 2, page 17, Riga, 1959.

K. Ya. Aron.