GOLUBOV Nikolay Fedorovich

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GOLUBOV Nikolay Fedorovich

GOLUBOV Nikolay Fedorovich (1856 — 1943) — the Soviet therapist, the doctor of medicine (1890), professor (1897), the honored worker of science of RSFSR, the pupil and G. A. Zakharyin's follower. Upon termination of medical f-that Moscow un-that was an intern, and since 1887 the assistant to propaedeutic therapeutic clinic un-that. After G. A. Zakharyin's leaving from un-that (1896) N. F. Golubov held a position of professor of faculty therapeutic clinic, and in 1912 — 1917 directed department and clinic of faculty therapy. The last period of life carried out in Yalta where it continued to act with lectures and reports and was the Honorary Chairman of city association of doctors.

N. F. Golubov published apprx. 70 scientific works on questions of pathology and therapy of internals and history of medicine. In the thesis about a wedge, and bacterial, researches of koumiss it for the first time (1890) proved that the lactobacillus which is found in koumiss can have two forms: Bacterium and Bacillus. In the monograph he for the first time in domestic literature expressed opinion on bronchial asthma and its treatment that «bronchial asthma is a typical anaphylactic state», considered this disease as neurogenic, without denying at the same time a role of heredity.

A number of its scientific works is devoted to an origin of various forms of cirrhosis, questions of a pathogeny, diagnosis and treatment of common and rare forms of diseases of joints.

Works: Clinical and bacteriological trials over koumiss, a yew., M., 1890; Lectures on private pathology and therapy of internal diseases, M., 1898; About bronchial asthma and its treatment, M., 1905; Nosology of diseases of joints, Acta Medica, century 11, Kharkiv, 1926.

Bibliography: Whether at on E. The review of medical life and works of honored professor N. F. Golubov, in book: Golubov N. F. Value of constitutional properties of connecting fabric in the course of healing of pulmonary tuberculosis, page 34, Yalta, 1932; Friedlander G. the Prof. Nikolay Fedorovich Golubov (concerning the 45 anniversary scientific and profession of a physician), the Doctor, business, No. 22, page 1833, 1926.