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GOLTSKNEHTA-YAKOBSONA SYMPTOM ( G. Holzknecht , avstr. radiologist, 1872 — 1931; The Island of Jacobson, is mute. the radiologist) — the functional sign of narrowing of a primary bronchus which is expressed the shift of a mediastinum at the forced breath towards the affected bronchial tube, and at an exhalation to the opposite side. Goltsknekhtom is for the first time described in 1899 and repeatedly confirmed by Jacobson. Goltsknekhta-Jacobson symptom. it is found at roentgenoscopy, according to the roentgenograms made in an inspiratory phase and an exhalation at a rentgenokimografiya, X-ray cinematography of lungs and X-ray television.

According to a number of authors, an upper part of a mediastinum can be displaced slightly to the right at the forced breath at healthy people. At a stenosis of a bronchial tube degree and the direction of shift are defined in each separate case by the nature of narrowing (see. Bronchostenosis , radiodiagnosis), duration of a stenosis, pliability of bodies of a mediastinum, size of intrapleural pressure, amplitude of a respiratory excursion of a chest wall and diaphragm. At a partial bronchostenosis bodies of a mediastinum move in an inspiratory phase towards the affected bronchial tube, in an expiratory phase to the opposite side (actually Goltsknekhta-Jacobson a symptom). In some cases by the end of a breath there is a sufficient raspravleniye of a lung, and the mediastinum is already returned by this time to the initial position. At the full closing of a gleam of a bronchial tube leading to development of an atelectasis, the mediastinum is displaced at a breath (if it already is with firmness not fixed in the displaced situation) only towards the narrowed bronchial tube.

Goltsknekhta-Jacobson's emergence of a symptom is explained by disturbance of balance of ventilation of both lungs and consequently, and intra pulmonary and intrapleural pressure on both sides, coming at a unilateral bronchostenosis.

See also Lungs, radiodiagnosis .

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