GOLOVIN Sergey Selivanovich

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GOLOVIN Sergey Selivanovich

GOLOVIN Sergey Selivanovich (1866 — 1931) — the Soviet ophthalmologist, the doctor of medicine (1895), professor (1903). After the termination medical f-that Moscow un-that Kutaisi worked as the assistant to the territorial doctor in the Serpukhov County of the Moscow province, the oculist in-tse. Since 1892 the intern, and from 1895 to 1903 the privatdozent of eye clinic Moscow un-that. In 1903 — 1911 professor of eye clinic Novorossiysk un-that (Odessa). In 1911 — 1917 professor of department of ophthalmology Moscow un-that and at the same time chief physician Moscow eye-tsy. In 1919 — 1924 professor of the Higher medical school, and since 1925 the director of eye clinic of 1 MSU.

S. S. Golovin published more than 100 scientific works devoted to diagnosis and treatment of diseases of eyes, including works about spread of a blindness in Russia, about operational treatment pulsing a pucheglaziya, tumors of an optic nerve, researches of subvital processes in the isolated eye. Are offered them a hypothesis of an autotsitotoksichesky origin of a sympathetic ophthalmia; the classification a wedge, forms of a blindness considering the nature of anatomic changes and etiol, the factors which caused it; the table for definition of visual acuity; tables of transfer of indications of an eye tonometer in sizes of eye pressure; a method of definition of a corner of the latent deviation on simple and projective perimeters; retrobulbar diafanoskopiya. He developed a number of operations, including operations simple and bone orbitotomies (see), osteoplastic opening of frontal sinuses, fixing of the displaced lacrimal gland, plastics of a conjunctival sac, a blepharorrhaphy, elimination of effects of a partial separation of an iris of the eye from its root. He is the author of the guide to techniques of a research and a symptomatology of eye diseases (1923). It created one of domestic schools of ophthalmology, from a cut there were V. P. Filatov, K. A. Yudin, L. I. Sergiyevsky, etc.

S. S. Golovin was a member of German (Heidelberg) and French Ophthalmolum. about-in, the editor of the Bulletin of Ophthalmology (1911 — 1917) magazine, the member of a redotdel of «Russian of the ophthalmologic magazine» (1925 — 1931).

Works: Oftalmotonometrichesky researches, yew., M., 1895; Operational treatment pulsing a pucheglaziya, M., 1900; Neurectomia opticociliaris at absolute glaucoma, Vestn. oftalm., t. 17, book 6, page 527, 1900; Tumours of an optic nerve and their operational treatment, in the same place, t. 21, book 1, page 15, 1904, t. 22, book 5, page 513, 1905, t. 23, No. 2, page 119, 1906; About a blindness in Russia, Odessa, 1910; Inflammatory intradural tumors of an optic nerve and their operational treatment, Vestn, oftalm., t. 31, No. 4, page 283, No. 5, page 383, 1914; Clinical ophthalmology, t. 1, M. — Pg., 1923; Researches over subvital processes in the isolated eye, Russian oftalm, zhurn., tg 6, M 7, page 657, 1927.

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V. I. Morozov.