GOLIKOV Sergey Nikolaevich

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GOLIKOV Sergey Nikolaevich

GOLIKOV Sergey Nikolaevich (sort. in 1919) — the Soviet pharmacologist and the toxicologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1956), professor (1960), the academician of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1971), the winner of the State award (1967), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1970). Member of the CPSU. In 1941 ended the 1st MMI. Participated in the Great Patriotic War at first the doctor of household mortar troops, and then the specialist toxicologist. In 1946 — 1949 — the graduate student of department of pharmacology of MMI M3 RSFSR. S. N. Golikov is an author more than 100 scientific works, including 7 monographs.

Its main works are devoted to studying of the mechanism of effect of toxicants and experimental therapy of the poisonings caused by them. The important place in S. N. Golikov's works is taken by researches in the field of pharmacology cholinergic and anticholinergics. Developing the idea about selective effect of mediator means, S. N. Golikov obtained the evidence of participation of cholinergic mechanisms in implementation of various functions of c. N of page, including processes of century of N of. The method of quantitative assessment of a ratio of the central and peripheral effects of anticholinergic substances («arekolinovy model») is offered them, the possibility of selective blockade of nicotinosensitive receptors of a brain pharmakol is established. substances, noted stereospecificity of action of mediator means. A number of theoretical regulations on molecular mechanisms of interaction of acetylcholine and its antagonists with a holinoretseptor (1962, 1970) is stated to them. S. N. Golikov's researches are important for understanding of pathogenetic mechanisms of toxic effects and were used during the development of a number of anticholinergics of selective effect (Ametinum, diferidin, hlorozit, etc.), and also specific antidotes, in particular reaktivator of cholinesterase for treatment of poisonings with organophosphorous toxic chemicals. In a number of its works philosophy of science about poisons and antidotes are formulated and the major ideas of pathogenetic mechanisms of their action taking into account the latest developments of experimental physiology, biochemistry and pathology are systematized.

Under the leadership of S. N. Golikov 7 doctors and 22 candidates of science are prepared. In 3 prod. It the editor redotdet BME «Pharmacology».

S. N. Golikov is awarded by awards of Patriotic war of the II degree, the Labour Red Banner, the Red Star and medals.

Works: About a ratio of the central and peripheral effect of atropine in suppression of some symptoms of arekolinovy intoxication at mice, Pharm, and toksikol., t. 19, JSS 2, page 38, 1956; Pharmacology and toxicology of organophosphorous connections, L., 1960 (sovm, with Rozengart V. I.); Synthetic at-ropinopodobny substances, L., 1962 (sovm, with Kuznetsov S. G.); Cholinesterases and antikholinesterazny substances, L., 1964 (sovm, with Rozengart V. I.); Reaktivato-ra of cholinesterases, M., 1970 (sovm, with Zaugolnikovy S. D.); Stereospecificity of effect of medicinal substances, l., 1973 (sovm, with other); Holinergichesky mechanisms of higher nervous activity, L., 1975 (sovm, from Selivanova A. T.).

S. S. Krylov.