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GOLGI Camillo

GOLGI Camillo (Golgi Camillo, 1844 — 1926) — the Italian histologist, the Nobel Prize laureate (1906). Ended medical f-t Paduan un-that in 1865. In 1865 — 1867 the doctor of psychiatric clinic, in 1868 — 1870 — the histologist in university laboratory in Pavia, in 1879 — 1880 professor of anatomy un-that in Slena, in 1880 — 1918 professor of histology and the general pathology un-that in Pavia.

C. Golgi possesses classical researches in the field of the general and private histology, a gistofiziologiya. By it it is developed (1873) and the method of chromosilver coloring of nervous tissue which allowed to differentiate various forms of neurons of bark of big cerebral hemispheres is implemented in practice (see. Golgi method ), big nervous cells of a granular layer of a cerebellum (1874), a collateral of the axial cylinder, nerve terminations in sinews (1886 — 1889), pericellular networks around nervous cells, star-shaped cells of a neuroglia (Golgi of a cell), the nerve terminations in the field of a derma of a nipple (Golgi — Mazzoni of a little body) playing a large role in process to a letting down of milk, a krovenapolneniya and erections of a nipple are described; gistol, structure of a thalamus (1885). C. Golgi found (1885) in nervous cells, investigated and in details described (1898) the organoid known under the name of the intracellular mesh device of Golgi (see. Golgi complex ). From researches in the field of the general pathology and a patogistologiya its works on specification of zones of defeat of c are most known. N of page at a chorea (1886), gistol. differentiations between sarcoma and a glioma (1889), and also the description gistol, changes of various sites of a nervous system at a pellagra and some mental diseases. It for the first time showed that a wedge, options (forms) of malaria depend on a type of a plasmodium that malarial paroxysms match on time a breeding season of a plasmodium, and their weight depends on quantity of the parasites circulating in blood.

Works: Sulla fina anatomia degli organi centrali del sistema nervoso, Milano, 1886; Untersuchungen tiber den feineren Bau des centralen und peripherischen Nervensys-tems, Text und Atlas, Jena, 1894; Opera omnia, v. 1 — 4, Milano, 1903 — 1925. Bibliography: Aschoff L. Golgi Camillo, Beitr. path. Anat., Bd 75, Hft 1, 1926; Professor Camillo Golgi, Brit. med. J., v. 1, p. 221, 1926; V r a b e With &F. Sto let Golgiho metody a jeji vyznam pro anatomii zrakov6 drny, Cs. Oftal., s. 313, 1974, bibliogr.

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