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GOLD DUST (Zlatni Pyasjtsi) — the largest climatic seaside resort of the People's Republic of Bulgaria. It is located on zap. to the coast of the Black Sea in Varninsky Kurortny district in 17 km to the North of. Varna (cm).

Gold Dust.

Climate of the Mediterranean type. Average annual air temperature 11,5 °. Summer very warm (average monthly temperature of July 23,9 °), fall solar, winter soft (average monthly temperature in January 2 °); rainfall for a year of 450 mm. Number of hours of sunshine in a year 2240. On slopes of picturesque mountains and hills there are a lot of vineyards and orchards. Fine soft golden sand covers beaches 200 m wide and 4 km long.

Favorable climatic conditions allow to use widely aero - gelio-and thalassotherapy. Along with a climatotherapy the physical therapy is applied, water - and mud cure to lay down. physical culture. The balneary, resort policlinic, pools functions. A swimming season from the middle of June until the end of September.

In the resort the numerous comfortable hotels which are picturesquely located an amphitheater along the coast among parks and gardens on solar glades and in the wood, there are a lot of dachas cottages, rest houses, there are campings. The resort enjoys wide popularity among workers of NRB, and also foreign tourists, hl. obr. from the brotherly socialist countries.


Diseases of a respiratory organs of not tubercular character, functional diseases of a nervous system, a disease of cardiovascular system with a circulatory unefficiency are not higher than the I stage, hron, nephrites without the expressed insufficiency of azotovydelitelny function of kidneys, disbolism, endocrine diseases — obesity, easy forms of diabetes, thyrotoxicosis (a sick thyrotoxicosis stay in the resort in hot months — July and August — is contraindicated), hron. diseases of a musculoskeletal system of not tubercular character, disease of skin and female genital, secondary anemia.

V. V. Poltoranov.