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GOLDSTEIN Curt (Goldstein Kurt, 1878 — 1965) — the German neurologist. Since 1908 the privatdozent of psychiatry and neurology in Konigsberg; since 1922 ordinary professor and the director Ying-that neurology in Frankfurt am Main. In 1929 — 1933 the director of department of neurology of Moabit-hospital in Berlin. Since 1930 honorary professor Berlin un-that. In 1934 — 1935 the prof. of neurology in psychiatric in-those in Colombia (USA), in 1938 — 1939 — in Harvard un-those. Headed neurophysiological laboratory in Montefiorksky hospital in New York (1936 — 1940), then neurologic laboratory in Boston (1940 — 1945). In 1950 — 1955 of the prof. of physiology in the New York college. Since 1955 the head of department of psychology New in-that sociological researches in New York.

K. Goldstein's works are devoted to questions of neurology, psychiatry, normal and patol, anatomy, psychology and biology. Its works on aphasia, disturbance of the optical sphere, on a military injury, and also the works devoted to questions of compensation of the broken functions of a nervous system are widely known.

K. Goldstein is the author of the idealistic scientific concept, in a cut denied fiziol, fundamentals of mentality since mental and fiziol, in an organism, in his opinion, it is equivalent. He was an editor of Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Nervenheilkunde and Psychologische Forschung magazines.

Works: Psychologische Analysen hirnpatholo-gischer Falle, Lpz., 1920 (hrsg. sovm. with Gelb A.); Uber Aphasie, Ztirich u. a., 1927; Der Aufbau des Organismus, Haag, 1934; Psychopathology of Pick’s disease, Arch. Neurol. Psychiat. (Chicago), v. 38, p. 473, 1937 (sovm, with Katz S. E.); Human nature in the light of psychopathology, L., 1940; Aftereffects of brain injuries in war, N. Y., 1942; Remarks on localization, Con-fin. neurol. (Basel), v. 7, p. 25, 1946; Language and language disturbances, N. Y., 1948; The effect of brain damage on the personality, Psychiatry, v. 15, p. 245, 1952.

Bibliography: Denny-Brown D. The organismic (holistic) approach, neurological impact of Kurt Goldstein, Neuropsychologia, v. 4, p. 293, 1966, bibliogr.