GOLANT Raisa Yakovlevna

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GOLANT Raisa Yakovlevna

GOLANT Raisa Yakovlevna (1885 — 1953) — the Soviet psychiatrist, the doctor of medicine (1913), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1940). From 1909 to 1927 worked in clinic of nervous and sincere diseases of VMA under the leadership of V. M. Bekhterev and went in for neuropathology and experimental physiology. Since 1928 in-that directed department of psychiatry of the 2nd Leningrad medical and at the same time (from 1938 to 1948) in-that was the deputy director for a scientific part Psychoneurological.

R. Ya. Golant possesses 125 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to problems of traumatic, infectious, vascular psychoses, and also mental disorders at avitaminosis and a nutritional dystrophy. It described syndromes of hallucinations, speech movements of language, violent states, feelings of zero gravity, and also some rare Gnostic and mnestichesky disturbances, the phase course of encephalitis. A number of its works is devoted to hypertensive psychoses, mental disturbances at injuries of a brain, tumors of the III ventricle and Alzheimer's disease. Among her pupils of 6 professors, 7 doctors and several candidates of medical sciences.

Within 28 years R. Ya. Golant was board member Leningrad about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists, and in 1949 — 1950 its chairman; was also a board member and presidium All-Union about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists.

Works: About immovabilities of a backbone, a yew., SPb., 1913; About a dysmnesia, L. — M and 1935.

Bibliography: Review of activity of R. Ya. Golant, Saturday. nevropsikhiat. works, it is devoted, to R. Ya. Golant's anniversary, page 5, L., 1940; R. Ya. Голант (1885— 1953's) Memories * Zhurn, neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 53, century 12, page 976, 1953.