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GOFMANN Eduard (Hofmann Eduard, 1837 — 1897) is the Austrian judicial physician. Ended Prague un-t.


Since 1869 professor of forensic medicine in Innsbruck, and from 1875 to 1897 in Vienna high fur boots, since 1876 the member, and then the president of the Austrian supreme sanitary council.

E. Gofmann published 70 scientific works devoted to questions of mechanical strangulation (hl. obr. hangings), toxicology, methods of a research of virginity and systematization of forms of a hymen, various aspects of infanticide and research of corpses. The «Guide to forensic medicine» translated to many languages written to them (in Russian transfer from 1878 to 1933 sustained 8 editions), and «The atlas of forensic medicine» (1898) became widely known. Judicial physicians A. Kolisko and A. Haberda were his pupils. E. Gofmann was a member of many foreign medical about - century.

Works: Lehrbuch der gerichtlichen Medizin, Wien, 1877—1878, B. — Wien, 1902 — 1903 (Russian lane, SPb., 1908); Atlas der gerichtlichen Miedizin, Miinchen, 1898.

Bibliography: Breitenecker L. 160 Jahre Lehrkanzel fur gerichtliche Medizin in Wien, Beitr. gerichtl. Med., Bd 23, S. 21, 1965, Bibliogr.; Haberda, Professor Eduard Ritter y. Hofmann, Wien. klin. Wschr., S. 797, 1897; R e u t e r F. Geschieh-te der Wiener Lehrkanzel fttr gerichtliche Medizin von 1804 bis 1954, ibid., S. 457 * 1954.

M. I. Avdeev.