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GOERING Ewald (Hering Karl Ewald Konstantin, 1834 — 1918) — the German physiologist, the foreign member of the St. Petersburg academy of Sciences (since 1905). In 1853 — 1858 studied medicine in Leipzig. In 1860 — 1865 worked as the assistant. In 1865 — 1870 managed department of physiology and zoology in Military medicochirurgical academy in Vienna. Since 1870 directed department of physiology in Karlovy un-those in Prague, and since 1895 Ying t headed physiology in Leipzig.

E. Goering is the author of the theory of color sight (1872), according to a cut in a retina of an eye availability of three tsvetooshchushchayushchy substances is supposed, and vision of flowers is connected with processes of destruction or recovery of these substances. One of substances is the cornerstone fiziol, emergence of zheltosiny couple of flowers, another — red-green and the third — white-black (see. Color sight ). E. Goering considered that process of dissimilation in one point of a retina generates assimilyativny process in the next point, and called it the inductive relation of various sites of a retina. Such mutually opposite influence began to be designated afterwards as the induction relating not so much to a retina, how many to c. N of page.

He determined consistent patterns of dependence of sharpness of perception and feeling of light from the attitude of their intensity towards total intensity of all feelings, and also conditionality of the interfaced movements of eyes their identical innervation (Goering's laws); offered an explanation for the phenomenon of simultaneous contrast at usual sight when at a transmission through a prism of weak light the so-called achromatic interval (a colourless range) getting color tones only during the strengthening of light is observed. E. Goering described the transitional sites of canals of a liver connecting bilious capillaries to terminal branches of interlobular channels (sometimes call Goering's channels), and together with J. Breuer — the reflex participating in regulation of breath with participation of a vagus nerve (Goering's reflex — J. Breuer).

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