GOAR Cecil Arthur

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GOAR Cecil Arthur

GOAR Cecil Arthur (Hoare Cecile Arthur, sort. in 1892) — the English protozoologist. In 1917 ended natural f-t St. Petersburg un-that and it was left at department of zoology at V. A. Dogel. From 1918 to 1920 the assistant to department of zoology at N. A. Holodkovsky in VMA. In 1920 moved to England where directed department of a protozoology of Vellkomsky laboratories of tropical medicine (London).

S. Goar is the author of the St. 120 scientific works devoted to hl. obr. to researches of questions of a medical and veterinary protozoology (about parasitic protozoa). He the first experimentally studied complete cycles of development and transfer of trypanosomes of sheep (1923) and African crocodiles (1928 — 1931), devoted a series of researches (1936 — 1956) questions of morphology of development, systematization and relationship between the owner and a parasite at trypanosomes of mammals and the person. In 1972 it published the big monograph about trypanosomes of mammals.

Also its works on classification of koktsidiya in «periodic system» of homologous series (1933 — 1957) are known, to biology of koprozoyny infusorians (1927), about host-parasite relationshipss at a dysenteric amoeba (1949 — 1955), biol, races at parasitic protozoa and their taxonomy (1949 — 1957), and also the textbook on a medical protozoology (1949).

S. Goar translated into English language of work of P. F. Bohr about a sartovsky ulcer also gave a historical assessment of this classical work, and also wrote a number of survey works about researches of the Soviet scientists that promoted acquaintance of foreign parasitologists with achievements of the Russian science. S. Goar is the member of English Royal about-va (1950) and some other English and foreign scientific about-in, was a consultant for parasitic diseases at WHO.

Works: Recent malaria work in Russia, Trop. Dis. Bull., v. 40, p. 345, 1943; Handbook of medical protozoology, Baltimore, 1950; Commensal phase of Entamoeba histolytica, Exp. Parasitol., v. 1, p. 411, 1952.