GNEZDILOV Vladimir Georgiyevich

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GNEZDILOV Vladimir Georgiyevich

GNEZDILOV Vladimir Georgiyevich (1898 — 1958) — the Soviet parasitologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1945), professor (1948), the colonel of medical service. Member of the CPSU. In 1919 — 1920 was involved in civil war. In 1926 ended VMA and till 1928 worked as the doctor at the linear Marat ship, then in Kronstadt.

After the termination of a graduate military course (1934) was a teacher of department of the general biology and parasitology of VMA, and since 1956 the chief of this department.

Participated in work of eleven parazitol, the expeditions directed by E. N. Pavlovsky (Central Asia, Transcaucasia, Far East, North Korea). V. G. Gnezdilov published more than 70 scientific works on problems of a medical helminthology, a protozoology and the general biology. Its main researches in the field of a helminthology are devoted to studying of geographical distribution of helminthic invasions, definition of a circle of potential owners of the wide tape-worm and a tapeworm armed. V. G. Gnezdilov inspected a large number of people in the different areas of the USSR, Sowing. To Korea and on the Kvantunsky peninsula on infectiousness intestinal protozoa, revealed patterns of relationship between dysenteric amoebas and an organism of the owner. On the basis of big actual material he made a hypothesis of adaptive modifications of protozoa of intestines of the person, in particular at a dysenteric amoeba. This concept was confirmed by the phenomena of variability of other species of protozoa (Entamoeba coli, Trichomonas hominis, Balantidium coli). B. G. Gnezdilov together with E. N. Pavlovsky developed the problem of parazitotsenoz which is of great importance for medicine. A number of works of V. G. Gnezdilov is devoted to the analysis of intraspecific and trans-species ratios at artificial inoculation of animals of a plerotserkoidama of a wide tape-worm.

He was awarded by the Order of Lenin, two awards of the Red Banner and medals.

Works: Dysenteric amoebas and other intestinal protozoa of the person in connection with a question of adaptive modifications, a yew., L., 1944; The Intraspecific and trans-species relations among components of a parazitotsenoz of intestines of the owner, Zool, zhurn., t. 32, in, 2, 1953 (sovm, with the Pavlovsk E. N).

Bibliography: Pavlovsky E. N., etc. V. G. Gnezdilov, Medical parazitol., t. 28, No. 1, page 126, 1959.

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