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GLUTARIC ACID (glyutarovy acid) — propane-1,3-dicarbonic, pentadiovy acid, HOOC — (CH 2 ) 3 — COOH; derivative G. to. — alpha and aminoglutaric to - that, or glutamic acid (see), plays a large role in nitrogen metabolism (see), it is applied as medicine. To. it is formed at biol, disintegration of a lysine in a liver of animals and the person; contains in juice of turnip, beet, rinsing waters of crude sheep wool.

To. it can be synthesized by oxidation of ketopentamethylene nitric to - that or by condensation of natriymalonovy ether with ethylene diiodide. Represents crystals with t ° pl . 97,5 °. It is overtaken almost without decomposition at t ° 302 — 304 ° or in vacuum at t ° 200 °., In 100 h water at t ° 20 ° 63,9 parts G. are dissolved to. It is well alcohol-soluble, ether, benzene.

On the chemical properties G. to. it is similar to another double-base to - there: forms salts, esters, amides and other derivatives, forms anhydride (t ° pl 56 °).

See also Glutamin

E. S. Severin.