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GLUTAMATE OF SODIUM [L-monoglyutamat of sodium, NaOOCCH 2 CH 2 CH(NH 2 ) COOH] — the substance used for improvement of taste and a flavor of food. White crystal powder, salty on taste, with aroma of meat. Of N is used in the majority of the countries of the world in the form of seasoning to canned food, concentrates (hl. obr. to tinned soups), and also to ready food as an intensifier of taste. On the division of nutritional supplements G. of N existing in the USSR treats group of the substances improving quality of foodstuff. Of N can be received from a gluten of wheat, by-products by production of beet sugar, and also from casein.

In experiments on animals it was shown that at hypodermic introduction of G. of N changes of some biochemical, indicators, and also an acute necrosis of neurons are observed. At peroral introduction of G. of N animal in the doses considerably exceeding used in the food industry of his negative effect on an organism it was revealed not.

Cases of emergence at fans of the Chinese cuisine which is widely using G. of N, «a syndrome of the Chinese restaurant» are described, at Krom the burning sensation in a stomach, a hyperemia of the person, a stethalgia and sometimes headaches is noted. The researches conducted on the volunteers receiving G. of N in number from 1 to 10 g did not reveal any objective signs of influence of drug, except for cases of blanching or erubescence of the person and some changes of the ABP, and at higher doses — subjective feelings in the form of slight dizziness, drowsiness, small weakness, feeling of heat in a face, off-flavor in a mouth and nausea.

It agrees existing in the USSR a dignity. to the rules regulating use of nutritional supplements, G.'s maintenance of N in foodstuff is not normalized, and it is added according to a compounding, on a cut the product is made. However the single dose of G. of N for adults shall not exceed 0,5 g, and a daily dose — 1,5 g. From the products intended for children of early age, G. of N it has to be completely excluded.

See also Flavouring substances , Nutritional supplements .

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