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GLOME (Latin. glomus ball) — the umbrella term designating a row various on a structure and an origin of the anatomic educations containing vascular balls. Distinguish two basic groups of. One group belongs to a special type of an arteriovenous anastomosis (see. Arteriovenous anastomosis ), possessing extremely rich nervous device including nerve fibrils and a set of nerve terminations (A.S. Choubin, 1952). They occur at the person and animals hl. obr. in skin, connective tissue and mucous membranes, walls of vessels and bodies. Except this small glomal arteriovenous anastomosis, there are separate quite large (to dia, to 1 — 1,5 mm) educations: coccygeal and fleecy. The coccygeal glome [glomus coccygeum (BNA)], or a coccygeal little body [corpus coccygeum (PNA)], is on a front surface of a tailbone. Before it considered a hemaden. The fleecy (horioidny) glome [glomus chorioideum (BNA)] is in a vascular texture of side ventricles of a brain. According to many authors [K. L. P. Masson, 1937; Lapierre (S. of Lapierre, 1959); V. V. Kupriyanov], a glomal arteriovenous anastomosis takes part in correction of a hemodynamics, and also in implementation of incretory and hemoretseptorny functions. Other group G. developing from the general rudiments with vegetative gangliya belongs to to paragangliya (see) also combines in chromaffin (adrenal) system [Kohn (And. Kohn, 1903); G.F. Ivanov, 1930, 1945].

G.'s pathology — see. Glomal tumors , Paraganglioma .

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