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GLOMAL TUMOURS (Latin glomus ball, ball; synonym: angionevroma, Barret — Masson a tumor, a glomangioma, a glomerocytoma, a glomerular tumor of an arteriovenous anastomosis) — the umbrella term for designation of the new growths developing from various elements of vascular glomes, and also hemoretseptorny little bodies.

Actually G. of the lake — glomusangioma — develop from the high-differentiated vessels of type arteriovenous anastomosis (see) and special light and epithelial glomal cells. Of the lake are for the first time described to Barra (J. Barre) and K. L. P. Masson in 1924. In domestic literature the greatest number of observations is presented by A. V. Ryvkind, A. K. Apatenko and V. S. Turusov.

G. of the lake of rounded shape, usually odinochna, in the diameter apprx. 0,5 cm and seldom 2 cm is macroscopic, are encapsulated, on a section of whitish or reddish and cyanotic color, a lobular structure, zernist. At microscopic examination of a glomusangiom consists of numerous branched slit-like vessels (the arterial segments passing into venous sinusoids). Walls of vessels are formed by muscle fibers, between to-rymi the light and epithelial glomal cells forming tyazh and large solid sites are located; there is a large amount of nerve amyelenic fibrils. Distinguish angiomatous (with dominance of vessels), solid (or compact) and mixed forms glomusangiy.

Glomusangioma are observed at any age, quite often arise after an injury, in half of cases are localized in a nail bed, also persons, in muscles, joint bags of elbow and knee joints are more rare in skin of a trunk, extremities; meet in a mediastinum, a stomach.

The basic a wedge, G.'s manifestation by the lake — sharp, times the intolerable pains amplifying at change of surrounding temperature, the movement of air, sometimes at disorders, periods or pregnancy. At hyponychial localization thinning, cross or longitudinal striation of a nail is observed; on roentgenograms impression of a bone of a nail phalanx is visible. At localization in muscles the atrophy them is noted. Of the lake of this type develop slowly, a current their high-quality.

Of the lake of hemoretseptorny little bodies — not chromaffin paragangliomas (see) — have a neuroectodermal origin. They are known as strumas, adenomas of a carotid little body, a receptoma, a gemangioendotelioma, etc. G. of the lake of this type develop from glomal cells not chromaffin paragangliyev, the carotid arteries lying in the field of bifurcation, a bulb of an internal jugular vein, an aortic arch and a pulmonary trunk, and also a nodose ganglion of a vagus nerve, a coccygeal glome (glomus coccygeum).

G.'s treatment by the lake — operational. Certain authors apply radiation therapy or combine operation with the subsequent radiation therapy. Forecast favorable.

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G. V. Falileev.