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GLINOLECHENIYE — a method of thermal treatment, at Krom clays are used (clay Ils are more rare). Clays and clay Ils represent mineral, finely dispersed sedimentary deposits of reservoirs. Their characteristic feature is small organic content, lack of sulfides, low colloidity, a moisture capacity and the adsorptive capacity, the increased stickiness. The main components — silicate particles (silicon oxide and aluminum). With water of clay can form the plastic weight well adjacent to a body. Owing to small moisture content of clay (even after addition of water at preparation of clay weight for procedures) are characterized by big heat capacity, small heat conductivity and as a result of it is big heat-retaining ability (during the imposing on skin clay slowly gives heat). The mechanism fiziol, influences on G.'s organism is in many respects similar to the mechanism of action mud cures (see).

By preparation of clays for procedures G. they are dried at first, cleared of foreign impurity, sifting through a sieve with openings in 2 — 3 mm, then mix hot water before obtaining heavy homogeneous body. For increase in a mineralization of clay it is possible to fill in it also 10% with solution of sodium chloride. In 10 — 12 hours this solution is merged and clay is warmed up on the water bath.

At a consistence of clay Ils like dense ointment they can be used for G. without pretreatment. Carry out as local procedures — applications and vaginal tampons. Applications carry out every other day or two days running with a break for the third day, temperature of clay 40 — 46 °, duration of the procedure 20 — 30 min. On a course 12 — 15 procedures. If necessary the course of treatment can be repeated in 5 — 6 months. A technique of preparation and introduction of tampons for band procedures and imposing of applications — see. Mud cure .

It is shown at arthritises and polyarthritises: rheumatic, infectious (except tubercular), and also traumatic; at diseases of a backbone of not tubercular origin (a spondylarthritis, Bekhterev's disease, a spondylosis), it is preferential in hron, stages; at inflammatory and posttraumatic diseases of bones, muscles, sinews; some inflammatory diseases of the digestive system, female genital, etc. Contraindications to G. the same, as to to thermal treatment (see).

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V. T. Olefirenko.