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GLIADINE — the simple protein which is contained along with glutelin in an endosperm of seeds of wheat, rye and some wild-growing cereals; it is considered during the definition of nutrition value of cultural cereals.

As well as glutelins, essential value in food of the population consuming products from flour has. This protein belongs to group protamins (see).

Education at hydrolysis of a significant amount (more than 40%) is characteristic of G. glutamic acid (see), apprx. 13% proline (see), to 5% ammonia (see) and insignificant quantity arginine (see) and histidine (see). Low contents as a part of. lysine (see) reduces its nutrition value. The young rats receiving the diet containing only G. do not grow.

Genetically caused (inborn) insufficiency of specific enzyme — aminopeptidase of intestinal juice causes in the person gluten disease (see), the cut is the main pathogenetic reason incomplete digestion of G.

See also Glutelins .

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