GLEBOV Ivan Timofeyevich

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GLEBOV Ivan Timofeyevich

GLEBOV Ivan Timofeyevich (1806 — 1884) — the domestic physiologist and the anatomist. Ended in 1830. Moscow medicochirurgical academy. Since 1832 the graduated in a military academy of this academy. His heads were E. O. Mukhin and And. E. Dyadkovsky. In 1834 protected dokt, the thesis and it was directed abroad where was engaged at F. Marangdi, K. Bernard, I. Müller, K. Rokitansky and other outstanding scientists. Since 1840 professor of physiology and the general pathology of the Moscow medicochirurgical academy, since 1842 professor of the first in Moscow un-those departments of a comparative anatomy and physiology, and since 1849 professor medical f-that same un-that. Since 1857 the vice-president, and since 1867 the member the soldier. - medical educational committee of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. It together with the president of academy P. A. Dubovitsky and the scientific secretary of its H. N. Zinin carried out reform of teaching, organized a number of new departments, invited for work in academy young scientific forces, including. And. M. Sechenova and S. P. Botkin whom it is considered to be it pupils. Together with Dubovitsky based at academy of in-t for improvement of doctors, preparation of professorial shots and within 10 years was his head. On its initiative protection of theses in Russian was entered.

Works: Dissertatio inauguralis medica de pathematibus sensu physiologico, pathologico, therapeutico et pharmacologico, Mosquae, 1834; Physiology of appetite or hunger, M., 1856; In protection of teaching physiology in Russia, S. - the St. Petersburg sheets, No. 264, page 1173,1859.

Bibliography: Lisitsyn Yu. P., I. T. Glebov is the most visible figure of domestic medicine (to the 150 anniversary since birth), Owls. medical, No. 6, page 81, 1956; Description of celebration of anniversary of fifty-year service of I. T. Glebov, SPb., 1881.

Yu. P. Lisitsyn.