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GLAZER Gugo (Glaser Hugo, 1881 — 1976) — the Austrian doctor, the publicist and the public figure, professor, the doctor of medicine. In 1905 ended medical f-t Vienna un-that. Till 1914 worked in P. Ehrlich's laboratory in Frankfurt am Main and clinics of Austria and Germany.

At the beginning of World War I G. Glazer was deputy chief a dignity. services of fortress Peremyshl. After capture of fortress by the Russian troops it in 1915 was sent together with other prisoners of war to Petropavlovsk, and in one and a half years is translated under Vologda where rendered medical aid by the prisoner of war occupied on construction of locks. In 1918 returned to Vienna and was on military service in avstr. armies.

From 1926 to 1938 — the editor-in-chief «Nova of the Vienna newspaper». In 1938 national socialists dismissed G. Glazer from edition and prohibited it performances in the press.

Until the end of World War II he lived with illegal status, published podpolno bulletins about situation on fronts and wrote the book «Great Doctors of Vienna».

G. Glazer — one of initiators of creation in Austria of Society of assistance to cultural and economic relations with the Soviet Union (Avstro-Sovetsky about-in), a cut it was founded on June 2, 1945. From the moment of education about-va G. Glazer — its permanent president.

He is widely known as the historian of medicine and the popular writer of achievements of medical science and natural sciences. It published 40 scientific works on the theory and to history of medicine, 25 of which are translated into 24 languages and published in many countries, including in the USSR, the USA, Japan, Switzerland, etc.

G. Glazer — the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo scientific historical and medical about-va (since 1961), the honourable doctor of medical sciences of the 1st MMI of I. M. Sechenov (since 1962). He is awarded the order by «For Merits in front of the Republic of Austria» and the Soviet award of the Labour Red Banner.

Works: Researchers of a human body from Hippocrates to Pavlov, the lane with it., M., 1956; The Main lines of modern medicine, the lane with it., M., 1962; Drama medicine, Experiences of doctors on, the lane with it., M., 1965; The Newest victories of medicine, the lane with it., M., 1966; About thinking in medicine, the lane with it., M., 1969.

Bibliography: Shilinis Yu. A. and Shtilman N. L. Gugo Glyazer (To the 90 anniversary since birth), Owls. zdravookhr., JVe 10, page 83, 1971.

Yu. A. Shilinis.