GLAVCHE Egor Stepanovich

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GLAVCHE Egor Stepanovich

GLAVCHE Egor Stepanovich (1871 — 1919) — the domestic dermatovenerologist. In 1895 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that, and then was an intern of the clinic of skin and venereal diseases run by A. I. Pospelov. Since 1900 would work in Odessa city as the ambulatory doctor, the intern managing skin venerol. department. In 1902 protected dokt, the thesis «Lymphatic glands and syphilis». In 1903 worked in Dermatolum, clinic for Y. Yadasson in Bern. Its works on treatment of syphilis salvarsan, and also works on fight against venereal diseases in the conditions of wartime have the greatest value. E. S. Glavche was one of the first venereologists — organizers of fight against venereal diseases. In 1911 he organized a lecture hall where public readings about venereal diseases and a role of prostitution in their distribution were carried out. In 1912 introduced a method of preventive treatment of the persons who were in contact with patients with syphilis for the first time. In 1917 in Odessa organized the Russia's first skin venerol. policlinic for free treatment of patients, edges it was reorganized in 1922 into the State dermatovenerol. in-t of E. S. Glavche. For many years Dermatolum was the secretary Odessa. about-va.

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