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GLAUTSIN — the alkaloid allocated from a plant of lobes yellow (Glaucium flavum) this. poppy. Apply as an antibechic in the form of hydrochloric salt (Glaucini hydrochloridum; synonym of Glaucinum hydrochloricum; joint venture. Б). 4,5,7,8-Tetrametilaporfina hydrochloride, C 21 H 25 NO 4 • HCl.

Antibechic the effect of a glautsin of a hydrochloride is caused by its action on the central links of a tussive reflex. Unlike antibechics of group of morphine, drug does not cause analgesic effect, does not oppress breath and functions went. - kish. a path, does not cause addiction.

Apply G. at various diseases of easy and upper respiratory tracts. Appoint inside: the adult on 0,05 g, children on 0,01 — 0,03 g 2 — 3 times a day after food.

Drug is usually well transferred, dizziness, the general weakness, nausea, easy euphoria is in certain cases observed; perhaps moderate decrease in the ABP caused by adrenolytic Properties.

Drug is contraindicated at the lowered ABP.

Form of release: tablets on 0,05 g. Keep in well corked container. In the People's Republic of Bulgaria release a glautsin hydrobromide under the name Glauvent in tablets on 0,04 g

See also Antibechics .

N. A. Kruglov.