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GERChIK Ferdinand

GJERTSCHIK Ferdinand (Hercik Ferdinand, 1905 — 1966) — the Czechoslovak radio biologist and the biophysicist, one of founders of radiobiology in ChSSR, the doctor biol, sciences (1928), the doctor of medical sciences (1932), the member correspondent. Academies of Sciences of ChSSR. Ended in 1928 un-t in Brno. Till 1931 worked in Ying-those of Pasteur (Paris). Since 1935 the associate professor, and since 1937 extraordinary professor of the general biology medical f-that un-that of Ya. Purkinye (Brno). In 1935 — 1936 it was improved in Rock Feller in-that (USA). Since 1945 the head of department of the general biology un-that in Brno, and since 1963 the director Ying-that biophysics of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences.

F. Gerchik is the author of the St. 100 scientific works devoted to studying of action of ionizing radiation on living cell, to diagnosis, prevention and treatment of radiation defeats, and also protection of live organisms against a penetrating radiation. A number of its works covers various aspects of emergence of life on Earth. For work of «A problem of a bacteriophage» it is conferred the State award ChSSR (1954). F. Gerchik was a consultant at the International Atomic Energy Agency of WHO and UNESCO, the delegate of ChSSR in Scientific UN committee on atomic energy, and in 1961 — 1962 the chairman of this committee.

Works: Od atomu k Sivotu, Praha, 1946; 2ivot na ruby, Praha, 1946; Jak vznikl zivot na Zemi, Praha, 1953; Problem of bakte-riof£ga, Praha, 1953; Zafeni a 2ivot, Praha, 1957; Biophysik der Bakteriophagen, B., 1959; Na hranicich zivota, Praha, 1963; Radiobiologick^ metody, Praha, 1966 (sovm. with other).

L. A. Stankievich.