GIS Wilhelm Jr.

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GIS Wilhelm Jr.

GIS Wilhelm Jr. (His Wilhelm junior, 1863 — 1934) — the German doctor, professor (1895). Was born in Basel (Switzerland) in a family of the famous anatomist and embryologist V. Gis. Got a medical education in high fur boots of Leipzig, Bern, Strasbourg and Geneva. After the termination Leipzig un-that in 1889 the assistant in clinic of internal diseases at the prof. Kurshmann (N. of Cursehmann), and then professor of department of internal diseases in Basel (since 1902), in Goettingen (since 1906), professor of clinic you Rummage in Berlin (since 1907).

V. Gis, still being a student Strasbourg un-that, made overseeing metabolism of pyridine (1886). In Leipzig under the leadership of the father studied nervous cells in a rhomboid pole of the fourth ventricle of a brain; innervation of heart; opened and described (1893) neuromuscular atrioventricular bunch of heart which was called afterwards a ventriculonector. A number of researches of V. Gis is devoted to questions of a metabolism, a pathogeny of gout, rheumatism, treatment of diseases of internals of radium, history of medicine. It for the first time described trench (Volynsk) fever (1916). Among his numerous pupils there was the German clinical physician Mr. Bergmann.

Compositions Die Entwicklung des Herznervensys-tems bei Wirbeltieren, Lpz., 1891; Die Thatigkeit des embryonalen, Herzens und deren Bedeutung fur die Lehre von der Herzbewegung beim Erwachsenen, Arb. med. Klin., S. 14, 1893.

Bibliography: Lot z A. His Wilhelm, Schweiz, med. Wschr., S. 267,1935; Wilhelm His (1863 — 1934), J. Amer. med. Ass., v. 187, p. 453, 1964.

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