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GISTEROTSELE (hysterocele; grech, hystera uterus + kele tumor; synonym hysterocele) — a metrectopia, at Krom the uterus (in more exceptional cases a body and a neck of uterus, and also appendages of a uterus) makes contents of a hernial bag. Most often G. is observed at inguinal, femoral hernia and at an epigastrocele. Can arise at anomalies of development of a uterus, napr, at a two-horned uterus, occasionally — at the sliding hernia. At locking, sciatic and buttock hernias appendages of a uterus in a hernial bag meet extremely seldom. At G. emergence of pregnancy is possible.

The diagnosis is established on the basis of detection of the neck of uterus tightened towards the hernia passing into the dense body located in a hernial bag; the uterus on the usual place is not palpated. Recognition of hernia of appendages of a uterus presents great difficulties. G.'s diagnosis at pregnancy is not difficult — especially in the second half.

Treatment — herniotomy, reposition of the displaced bodies (if they are not changed).

See also Hernias.

K. N. Zhmakin.