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GIRShSPRUNG Gerald (Hirschsprung Harald, 1830 — 1916) — the Danish pediatrician, the doctor of medicine (1861).


In 1855 ended medical f-t Copenhagen un-that and it was enlisted by the intern of hospital of Frederik. In 1861 protected dokt, the thesis on the subject «Inborn Esophagal Closures and Small Intestine». Since 1862 the assistant to hl. the doctor, then the consultant of the nursery-tsy of Frederik in Copenhagen; since 1870 the doctor of children's BCs in Rigensgada, and in 1879 — 1904 hl. doctor of the nursery-tsy of the queen Louise; along with 1892 fulfilled duties of the associate professor of pediatric clinic Copenhagen un-that.

G. Girshsprung in 1886 on the International pediatric congress in Berlin for the first time reported about an inborn hypertrophy and a megacolon at children, and in 1888 it allocated this disease in an independent nozol, a form, edges afterwards was called a disease of Girshsprunga (see. Megacolon ). At a congress of scientists in Wiesbaden he for the first time made the message on an inborn pylorostenosis (1887); in 1894 on the International pediatric congress in Vienna for the first time reported on a case of an anemic raspravleniye of invagination of intestines at children, having developed this method in more detail later. G. Girshsprung for the first time paid attention to a possibility of an inborn origin of a syndrome of a pyuria and noted an originality of clinic hron, polyarthritis inf. etiologies at children.

In 1908 Ob-va the Danish pediatricians, the honorary member Danish pediatric about-va, and in 1912 the honorary member Pediatricheskogo about-va Germany was elected by Girshsprung the president.

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Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. A. Hirsch, Bd 3, S. 238, B. — Wien, 1931.

H. G. Zernov.