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GIRSh Augustus

GIRSH Augustus (Hirsch August, 1817 — 1894) — the German epidemiologist, the hygienist and the historian-geographer.

In 1839 began to study medicine in Berlin and Leipzig; since 1845 was engaged in medical practice in Elbinge. Since 1863 professor of history of medicine in Berlin un-those. Since 1846 was engaged the physician - geographical researches and published a number of works on spread of malaria, typhus, plagues, etc. In 1866 there was its work about epid, cerebrospinal meningitis. In 1873 together with M. Pettenkofer acted as the initiator of creation of the all-German cholera commission, on an assignment the cut inspected the center of cholera on Vistula (1873). In 1874 was the representative of Germany on the International congress on fight against cholera, and in 1879 visited the Astrakhan province during so-called vetlyansky plague and published the report on this trip. He is the author of the guide to historical and geographical pathology, unique on wealth and care of development of materials about spread of various diseases in connection with geographical conditions. «Jahresbericht tiber die Fortschritte und Leistungen in der gesamten Medizin» (1866 — 1883) was a publisher (together with R. Virkhov); author of many works on history of medicine. Together with Gurlt (E. J. Gurlt) edited and published Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte aller Zeiten und, Volker (1884 — 1888). In this six-volume edition articles about many Russian scientists are placed, including. About S. P. Botkin, G. A. Zakharyin, N. I. Pirogov, etc.

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Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon der hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. A. Hirsch, Bd 3, S. 235, Wien — Lpz., &131,

I. D. Strashun.