GIRSHMAN Leonard Leopoldovich

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GIRSHMAN Leonard Leopoldovich

GIRSHMAN Leonard Leopoldovich (1839 — 1921) — the domestic ophthalmologist. In 1860 ended medical f-t Kharkiv un-that. Worked in laboratories E. Du Bois-Reymond, G. Helmholtz, and also in clinics A. Gref, etc. In 1868 protected dokt, the thesis. In 1871 organized independent eye clinic. Since 1895 professor of the department of eye diseases created by it at Kharkiv un-those, to-ruyu in 1905 left in protest at illegal (without the knowledge of disciplinary court, the chairman to-rogo it was) dismissals of group of revolutionary students.

L. L. Girshman enjoyed wide popularity among the population. On the funds raised by residents of Kharkiv the eye hospital with out-patient clinic was constructed and open in 1908, in a cut it worked until the end of life. At the initiative of L. L. Girshman in Kharkiv the school for blind people was created. In 1886. Kharkiv medical about-in elected him the Honorary Chairman.

Among scientific works there is L. L. Girshmana — the works devoted to the miosis and a mydriasis caused by various pharmaceuticals, to treatment of trachoma, physiology of color sensation, and also a research about the smallest visual angle, etc. The name of L. L. Girshman was appropriated to eye hospitals in Kharkiv and Leningrad.

Works: Materials for physiology of color sensation, a yew., Kharkiv, 1868; Trachoma as national disaster, Kharkiv, 1900.

Bibliography: L. N. carps, L. L. Girshman is the founder of an oftalmologiya in Kharkiv, Oftalm. zhurn., No. 5, page 312, 1956; L. L. Girshman (by century since birth, 1839 — 1939), Vestn, oftalm., t. 14, century 5, page 92, 1939; P and Bq and E. B N. Memories of the prof. L. L. Girshman, Works and materials of eye hospital of L. L. Girshman, century 1, page 11, Kharkiv, 1929, bibliogr.

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