GIRDZIYAUSKAS Vitautas Izidorovich

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GIRDZIYaUSKAS Vitautas Izidorovich

GIRDZIYAUSKAS Vitautas Izidorovich (1904 — 1972) — the Soviet microbiologist, the epidemiologist, the immunologist, the organizer of health care, the doctor of medical sciences (1939), professor (1940), the member correspondent of AN of the Lithuanian SSR (1946). Member of the CPSU.

Ended medical f-t Kaunas un-that in 1930; in the same place worked as the laboratory assistant, then the assistant to department of microbiology, the department chair of microbiology (since 1941). In 1940 — 1945 — the national commissioner of health care of the Lithuanian SSR. In 1941 — 1943 — the department chair of epidemiology Perm medical in-that, in 1943 — 1944 — professor of department of epidemiology of TsIU (Moscow), in 1944 — 1963 — the department chair of microbiology and biochemistry medical f-that Vilnius un-that, at the same time (till 1962) the department chair of microbiology Kaunas medical in-that (till 1950 medical f-t un-that). In 1945 organized and till 1957 was the director Ying-that experimental medicine and oncology of AN of the Lithuanian SSR. In 1963 — 1972 — the academician-secretary of department chemical and technological and biol, sciences of AN of the Lithuanian SSR, at the same time professor of department of pharmacology and microbiology Vilnius un-that. V. I. Girdziyauskas is an author more than 50 scientific works, the majority of which is devoted to problems of infectious diseases, hormonal influence on immunity and a nek-eye to questions of history of medicine. It made a transfer into Lithuanian of the monograph of L. V. Gromashevsky «The general epidemiology» and the 1st volume of works of I. P. Pavlov. Under the leadership of V. I. Girdziyauskas more than 30 dissertations are defended. He took part in the edition of «The small Lithuanian Soviet encyclopedia (1966 — 1971)», was a member of the Academic council of M3 of the Lithuanian SSR, the chairman republican about-va «the Red Cross» (1944 — 1947), one of founders about-va Zhiniya («Knowledge») where headed Medical methodical council.

Works: Role of the Vilnius medical society in development of medical science in Lithuania, in book: From history medical, under the editorship of P. I. Stradynya, etc., t. 2, page 231, Riga, 1959 (sovm, with Bizyulyavichyus S. K.); Influence of a cortisone on an immune responsiveness of an organism at change of function of a thyroid gland, Works AN of Lithuanians. SSR, it is gray. With, t. 3, page 123, Vilnius, 1970 (sovm, with Tilindis B. S.); Action of the alkylating connections on bacteriophages of in vitro, in the same place, t. 1, page 15 (sovm, with other).

Bibliography: Vitautas Girdziyauskas, Zhurn, mikr., epid, and immun., No. 10, page 148, 1973; Vitautas Girdziyauskas (1904 — 1972), Works AN Litovsk. SSR, it is gray. In, t. 3, page 193, Vilnius, 1973.

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