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GIPERMAGNIYEMIYA (grech, hyper-+ magnesium + haima blood; synonym gipermagneziyemiya) — content of magnesium, excessive against norm, in a blood plasma. Limits of normal fluctuations of magnesium across Plenert and Heine (W. Plenert, W. Heine) at children — 1,5 — 2 mekv/l, at adults — 1,3 — 1,8 mekv/l, at pregnant women — to 2,5 mekv/l. It is observed at excess intake of magnesium in an organism, especially at parenteral administration of drugs of magnesium with to lay down. the purposes, at a renal failure with an anury (in a reduction stage of a diuresis is replaced by a hypomagnesiemia), at an idiopathic hypertensia and abnormal liver functions. Can develop as a result of hyperfunction of parathyroids, and also at poisoning oxalic to - that. Sometimes G. is found in children with nek-ry forms of mental retardation and at hypothyroidism (see).

In an experiment on animal G. is followed by blockade of the neuromuscular synoptic device that leads to paralysis of smooth and cross-striped muscles. Transfer of an impulse in sympathetic gangliya and the carrying-out system of heart is broken. As a result the sinus bradycardia develops, on an ECG disturbance of atrioventricular conductivity is found. These phenomena are especially clear at the content of magnesium in plasma 5 — 6 mekv/l, at concentration 7 — 8 mekv/l there comes deep oppression of functions of c. N of page — a so-called magnesian anesthesia.

At patients symptoms of the expressed intoxication are observed by salts of magnesium at its concentration in plasma St. 4 mekv/l and shown by oppression of cordial activity, neuromuscular excitability and functions of c. the N

is followed by fall of the contents of calcium in blood this year, hyperglycemia (see) and glycosuria (see). For decrease in concentration of magnesium in blood appoint solution of calcium chloride intravenously; in hard cases apply hemodialysis (see).

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Yu. E. Veltishchev.