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GIBRALTAR — possession of Great Britain on Yu. Iberian Peninsula, at the Strait of Gibraltar, naval and air base. The area — 6,0 km 2 . The population — 30 thousand people (1975). The administrative center — Gibraltar port (20 thousand people, 1968). Ofits. English. Is controlled the English governor.

Gibraltar. At the left above — a geographical location (it is specified by an arrow) in southwest Europe.

In 1973 (for 1000 the population) birth rate made 18,1, the general mortality — 8,3, a natural increase — 9,8; child mortality — 26,1 on 1000 live-born. Rheumatic damages of heart, a hypertension, coronary heart disease, malignant new growths, vascular damages of a brain were the main reasons for death.

Responsibility for medical and sanitary service of the population is born by the minister of medical and sanitary service. Directly the director of this service directs this activity. Questions of improvement of the environment, port dignity. service and dignity. the special inspector of health care directs control of air transport.

In 1971 in G. there were 3 state hospitals (the general type, infectious and psychiatric) on 252 beds (93 beds on 10 000 people). Medical aid to women and children in 1972 was carried out on the basis of out-patient department of hospital and the children's center. There is point of school hygiene.

In 1971 in G. 19 doctors, including 17 worked at public service, 4 dentists, 4 druggists, 55 nurses, 5 midwifes and 131 assistants to nurses. Nurses are trained by sisterly school with a 5-year course; in 1971/72 academic year at school 91 people studied, finished education the 28th persons.

In 1971/72 financial year the public expenditures on health care made 550 444 pounds sterling.

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E. V. Galakhov.