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GEYROVSKY Yaroslav (Heyrovsky Jaroslav, 1890 — 1967) — the Czechoslovak chemist, the founder of a polyarografiya. Member of Academy of Sciences of Czechoslovakia (1952), foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966).

In 1918 ended Prague un-t. Since 1922 — extraordinary, and since 1926 — ordinary professor of department physical. chemistry Prague un-that.

Since 1950 the director State research polyarografichesky in-that in Prague, the name of Ya. Geyrovsky is appropriated to Krom in 1964.

Studying processes of recovery and oxidation of substances on a dropping mercury electrode, he established dependence between the potential of recovery and oxidation of substances and their structure, and also size of diffusion current and concentration of substance in solution of electrolyte. Relying on these patterns, Ya. Geyrovsky developed a new method of the chemical analysis of substances — a method polyarografiya (see).

In medicine use this method for quantitative definition of some organic and inorganic matters in blood, urine and other biological liquids. In 1925 he designed the polarograph — the device for automatic recording of curves «force of current tension» which was widely used in pilot scientific research, the equipment and medicine. For development of a polyarografichesky method of a research Ya. Geyrovsky was conferred the Nobel Prize (1959). It was the honorary member Czechoslovak chemical about-va, and also the member of a row foreign scientific about - century.

Works: Polyarografichesky method, the theory and practical application, the lane from Czeches., M., 1937; Technique of a polyarografichesky research, Saturday. articles, the lane with in., M., 1951; Bases of a polyarografiya, the lane from Czeches., M., 1965 (sovm, from Kut Ya.).

Bibliography: Slavnin G. P. The outstanding scientist of Czechoslovakia Yaroslav Geyrovsky (To the 60 anniversary since birth), Zhurn, fizich. chemical, t. 29, century 12, page 2266, 1955.

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