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GEYMANS Corneille

GEYMANS Corneille (Heymans Corneille Jean Francois, 1892 — 1968) — the Belgian physiologist and the pharmacologist, the doctor of medicine (1920), the member of the Belgian royal medical academy, the honorary member of a number of the Belgian and foreign academies. Ended Gent un-t. Worked in fiziol, laboratories of Belgium, Austria, England, the USA, France, Switzerland, etc. Since 1930 — professor and the permanent head Ying-that pharmakodinamiya and therapies (Ghent), based by his father famous for the pharmacologist J. F. Heymans.

K. Geymans is the author of numerous original scientific works and a number of monographs. Researches of K. Geymans and his pupils in the field of regulation of blood circulation and breath, and also physiology and pathology of a brain in the conditions of the temporary termination of blood circulation are most valuable. Various degree of resistance to anemia of the bulbar centers of bark and a subcortex of a brain is established to them. K. Geymans's researches on anemia of a brain and revival of nerve centers after a temporary stop of blood circulation made an essential contribution to a pathophysiology of terminal states. Also its works on studying of influence of potassium and other electrolytes on activity of c are well-known. N of page. For researches of a role of sinus and aortal reflexogenic zones in regulation of blood circulation and breath in 1938 it is conferred the Nobel Prize.

To. J. F. Heymans was the president of council of the International society of physiologists and the chairman of the International council of pharmacologists, the honorary member of a row Belgian and foreign scientific about-in, G 1933 and till last days lives was a permanent editor of the scientific magazine «Archives Internationales de Pharmacodynamie et de Therapie» issued in Belgium. He twice (in 1929 and 1959) visited the Soviet Union and acted with lectures and reports.

Works: &Le sinus carotidien et les autres zones vasosensibles r6flexogies, leur r61e en physiologie, en pharmacologie et en patho-logie, Ann. Soc. sci. Brux., s6r. G, t. 49, p. 5, 1930; Perfusion des «isolierten» Kop-fes vom «isolierten» Herz-Lungen-Praparat aus beim selben Hund, Handb, biol. Arb. Meth., hrsg. v. E. Abderhalden, Abt. 5, T. 2, S. 1081, B. — Wien, 1932 (sovm, with Heymans J. F.); Reflexes circulatoires sino-carotidiens, m6canisme pt traitement du collapsus circulatoire, Bull. Acad. M6d. (Paris), t. 13, p. 109, 1933 (sovm, with other); Le sinus carotidien et la zone homologue cardioaortique, P., 1933 (sovm, with other); Le center respiratoire, P., 1935 (sovm, with Cor-dier D., the Russian lane, M. — L, 1940); Introduction to the regulation of blood pressure and heart rate, Springfield, 1950; Survival and revival of nervous tissues after arrest of circulation, Physiol. Rev., v. 30, p. 375, 1950.

Bibliography: Anichkov S. V. K. Geymans's memories, Pharm, and toksikol., t. 32, No. 2, page 253, 1969; G h a n h P. H. Hom-mage au professeur docteur Corneille Hey-mans, Agressologie, t. 10, p. 1, 1969.

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