GEYMANOVICH Alexander Iosifovich

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GEYMANOVICH Alexander Iosifovich

GEYMANOVICH Alexander Iosifovich (1882 — 1958) — the Soviet neuropathologist, honored professor (1927), the doctor of medicine of honoris causa (1928). In 1908 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that and till 1911 worked in clinic of nervous diseases un-that under the leadership of the prof. V. K. Roth. From 1911 to 1922 in Kharkiv would be a doctor-psychoneurologist provincial territorial, the senior assistant to nervous clinic women's medical in-that (nowadays Kharkiv in medical in-t). Since 1920 the director of Ukrainian psychoneurological in-that, and in 1932 is appointed the vice-president of the Ukrainian psychoneurological academy; at the same time managed nervous clinic and morfol, laboratory in the same place. In 1937 — 1953 the director of clinic of nervous diseases and neyrogistol. laboratories of newly created Ukrainian psychoneurological in-that; after 1953 the consultant of the Central psychoneurological and neurosurgical hospital Ministries of Railways and clinic balneol. hospitals (Kharkiv). In days of the Great Patriotic War (till 1944) the consultant-neuropathologist of one of fronts.

A. I. Geymanovich published apprx. 300 works devoted to studying of involutional processes, infectious diseases, injuries and tumors of a nervous system, and also defeats of a nervous system at the systemic and viral infections. Its work «About true neuromas» was conferred Krylov award Kharkiv medical about-va (1911). A. I. Geymanovich together with T. A. Geyer and V. M. Gakkebush described the atypical form of mental disturbances reminding Alzheimer's disease at cerebral atherosclerosis, edges is known in literature as a disease of Gakkebusha-Geyera-Geymanovicha (see. Gakkebusha-Geyera-Geymanovicha syndrome ). He for the first time along with Ya. M. Raymist (Odessa) described epid, encephalitis in the territory of our country (1919), noted a number of features nevrol, disturbance at a sapropyra. A number of its works was devoted to neurology of traumatic damages (on materials of the Great Patriotic War).

Under the leadership of A. I. Geymanovich it is prepared apprx. 20 scientists, including 14 doctors of medical sciences.

A. I. Geymanovich was vice-chairman Vsesoyuznogo neurosurgical about-va, the board member Vsesoyuznogo about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists, the vice-chairman of Ukrainian about-va neuropathologists and psychiatrists.

Works: The clinical concept of epidemic encephalitis, in book: An infection and a nervous system, under the editorship of A. I. Geymanovich, page 1, Kharkiv, 1927; Tumours of the central nervous system, Kherson, 1936 (edition of Saturday. and author of a number of the Art.); The central motor disturbances and mentality, in book: Probl, motility in nevrol, and psikhiat., under the editorship of A. I. Geymanovich, page 140, Kharkiv, 1937; Some features of wounds of peripheral nerves in the current war and indications to operations, in book: Dignity. service in days of Patriotic war, under the editorship of M. G. Lazarev, etc., page 236. m, 1943; The Next problems of studying of a brain injury in the post-war period, in book: Injuries, defeat center, and peripheries. nervn. systems, under the editorship of H. M. Zelensky, etc., page 33, Kharkiv, 1946; Early diagnosis of c prevention of infections of a nervous system, in book: Vopr, profilakt. also will warn, to lay down. nervn. and the loony, diseases, under the editorship of P. I. Kovalenko, etc., page 15, Kharkiv, 1956 — 1957.

Bibliography: Alexander Iosifovich Geymanovich, Zhurn, neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 58, century 9, page 1152, 1958; Alexander Iosifovich Geymanovich (a short biographic sketch), in book: Probl, nevrol, and psikhiat., under the editorship of T. I. Yudin and O. I. Volfovsky, page 11, Kiev, 1939; Pavlonsky Ya. M. Alexander Iosifovich Geymanovich, To the 75 anniversary since birth, Vopr, neyrokhir., No. 2, page 59, 1958; Fortieth anniversary of scientific, medical and public work of honored professor Alexander Iosifovich Geymanovich, Works of the 15th sess. Uke. psikhiat, in-that, t. 24, page 3, Kharkiv, 1949.