GEYER Tikhon Aleksandrovich

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GEYER Tikhon Aleksandrovich

GEYER Tikhon Aleksandrovich (1875 — 1955) — the Soviet psychiatrist, the doctor of medical sciences (1907), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1946), Hera of Work (1936). Ended medical f-t Moscow un-that in 1899 and worked in psychiatric clinic, and then, from 1908 to 1917, in territorial insane hospitals of Kostroma, Kharkiv, Moscow. In 1918 — 1929 was the Art. the assistant to the psychiatric clinic run by P. B. Gannushkin; at the same time, since 1922, Narkomzdrava with RSFSR (nowadays Ying t of P. B. Gannushkin) worked in the Central bureau of medical labor examination, Ying-those psychiatry where directed clinical departments. Since 1932 managed psychiatric department Central in-that examinations of working capacity and the organization of work of disabled people of Narkomat of social security of RSFSR.

T. A. Geyer is the author of 60 scientific works. It with coauthors described option of Alzheimer's disease at cerebral atherosclerosis — Gakkebusha-Geyera-Geymanovicha syndrome (see). Its works are devoted to paranoia, involutional hysteria, questions of borderline cases, extra hospital mental health services and especially medical labor examination and employment of mentally sick. On the basis of clinical trials it developed a number of social aspects of mental diseases that promoted development of domestic social psychiatry. Under its management bases of the social and labor forecast, examination of working capacity, employment and social rehabilitation of mentally sick were developed.

Works: Materials to a question of a form and development of protoplasmatic shoots of nervous cells of a spinal cord, a yew., M. 1904; About korsakovsky psychosis, Sovr, psikhiat., January-February, page 16, 1911; About Alzheimer’oBCKoft of a disease, in the same place, April, page 253, 1912 (sovm, with Gakkebu-sh V. M.); To a question of presenile psychoses, Works Psikhiat, clinics 1st Mosk. un-that, century 1, M., 1925; To somato - bio - logically to justification of a psychopathy, Zhurn, a neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 23, No. 4, page 22, 1930.

Bibliography: M. M. Tikhon Aleksandrovich Geyer of St. George, founder of the Soviet psychiatric examination, Zhurn, neuropath, and psikhiat., t. 55, No. 12, page 947, 1955; M of e of l of e x about in D. E. and Rozova M. S., T. A. Geyer is the representative of the Moscow psychiatric school and the founder of the rehabilitation direction of the Soviet psychiatry (to the 100 anniversary since birth), in the same place, t. 75, century 11, page 1718, 1975; Scientific and medical public work of T. A. Geyer, in book: Psikhich. break. at organich. zabol. golovn. a brain, under the editorship of, D.E. Melekhova, page 3, M., 1958, bibliogr

D.E. Melekhov.