GEYDENREYKH Ludwig Lyudvigovich

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GEYDENREYKH Ludwig Lyudvigovich

GEYDENREYKH Ludwig Lyudvigovich (1846 — 1920) — the domestic bacteriologist. Having ended in 1869. Medicochirurgical academy in St. Petersburg, served as the district doctor in Valdai, then the doctor in the St. Petersburg educational house, working also in Medicochirurgical academy. In 1876 defended the dissertation on an etiology and clinic of «a returnable fever» (typhinia), and then worked in R. Koch, L. Pasteur, P. Ehrlich's laboratories. In 1884 returned to Russia and in 1887 it is elected the privatdozent of VMA where organized bacteriological laboratory at clinic. Since 1889 — the chief physician of Vilensky, and from 1903 to 1911 — the Odessa district military hospital.

L. L. Geydenreykh is an author about 50 scientific works on questions of microbiology, the microbiological equipment, infectious pathology, sanitation and military and sanitary business. It improved a number of microbiological techniques: entered aniline paints into the bacteriological equipment [1876, along with Veygert (To. Weigert)], improved a design of the autoclave that allowed to use it for sterilization of nutrient mediums (1884). For crops of microbes on dense mediums offered the double glass cups which forced out a method of plates of Koch in 1885 (see. Petri cup ).

L. L. Geydenreykh in 1888 — 1889 published materials about studying of a skin leushmaniosis in Turkestan. He was the author of the first domestic full management published in 1883 on the microbiological equipment which became a valuable grant for the Russian laboratories of that time.

Works: About a parasite of a returnable fever and morphological changes of blood at this disease, a yew., SPb., 1876; Methods of a research of the lowest organisms, SPb., 1885; Pendinsky ulcer, SPb., 1888, 1889.

Bibliography: Metelkin A. I., L. L. Geydenreykh is the forgotten pioneer of a bacteriological technique in Russia, Zhurn, mikr., epid, and immun., No. 6, page 142, 1957; L. L. Geydenreykh's Memories, Pro-filakt. medical, No. 5, page 163, 1925.

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