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GETChINSON Johnathan

GETCHINSON Johnathan (Hutchinson Jonathan, 1828 — 1913) — the English surgeon, the dermatologist, the syphilologist, the ophthalmologist. The honored prof. of surgery at the London medical school, the prof. of surgery and pathology in Royal surgical board. Got an education at the York medical school and St. Bartolomey's hospital in London. Since 1850 worked in hospitals, since 1862 gave lectures on surgery in medical college and was the assistant venerol. hospitals.

J. Getchinson in 1852 published work about an iritis at children. Described a number of the main symptoms of late inborn syphilis: a parenchymatous keratitis, deafness owing to a degeneration of an acoustical nerve in a labyrinth of a temporal bone, defeat of the central upper constant cutters (Getchinson's teeth). These symptoms according to A. Fournier's proposal began to call Getchinson's triad (see. Syphilis, inborn ). A number of symptoms back tabes, described by J. Getchinson, also bears his name: the characteristic look arising owing to paralysis of lateral direct muscles of an eye — Getchinson's face, pressure sense and tightening of face skin — Getchinson's mask and a unilateral mydriasis at defeat of c. J. Getchinson gave to N of page the description of some dermatosis; published the big atlas skin diseases (1869 — 1875) and the guide to syphilis (1885) which was repeatedly republished and translated to several languages; from 1889 to 1900 issued the Archives of surgery magazine.

Since 1882 was a member of the London royal society, and since 1908 the peer of England. In 1896 Dermatolum, the congress in London presided over the 3rd International.

Works: A clinical memoir on certain diseases of the eye and ear consequent on inherited syphilis, L., 1863; A descriptive catalog of the New Sydenham Society's atlas of portraits of diseases, of the skin, L., 1869; Lectures on clinical surgery, v. 1, L., 1878; Syphilis, L., 1887; The leprosy problem, L., 1890.

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