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GERONTOPSIKHOLOGIYA (geronto [logiya] + psychology) — the industry of gerontology and age psychology using obshchepsikhol. means and techniques for studying of features of mentality and behavior of persons of elderly and advanced age. Though interest in problems of mental features and changes during the aging existed long ago, G. as special discipline begins to develop only in the second half of 20 century. Its emergence is caused first of all by the social reasons: increase (absolute and relative) numbers of elderly people, problems of their working capacity and vital device. Studies interrelation during the aging of the general fiziol. and psychophysical. characteristics and psikhol, features of behavior, and also the personal shifts generated by change of nature of activity and valuable orientations. A common goal of G. is research of means of extension of active and full-fledged human life.

See also Gerontology .

N. G. Alekseev.