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GERBODE Frank (Gerbode Frank, sort. in 1907) — the American surgeon, the doctor of medicine (1936), professor, the head of the Pacific medical center of cardiovascular surgery (San Francisco). Practical and scientific activities of the beginnings in Stanfordskom un-those. Is one of founders of the American association on chest surgery. Main researches F. Are devoted by Gerbode to various questions of thoracic surgery and resuscitation. In an experiment and in clinic he studied problems of artificial circulation and treatment of acute respiratory insufficiency; developed many details of the technology of operation of sewing up of defect of an interventricular partition and plastics of defect at the atrioventricular channel, one of the first began to carry out inborn heart diseases operations at children of early age, studied features of patronage of valves of heart at their rheumatic defeats, made a big contribution to development of a problem of monitor and computer overseeing by patients.

F. Gerbode repeatedly visited the USSR. Took active part in work of the commission of the Soviet-American assistance in the field of health care. It is the honorary member of Royal surgical college of the medical center of England, the American medical association, International society of cardiovascular surgery.

Works: Median sternotomy for open-cardiac surgery during total heart-lung by-pass, Arch. Surg., v. 76, p, 821, 1958 (sovm, with Other); Problems of coagulation, in book: Extracor-poreal circulation, ed. by J. G. Allen, p. 253, Springfield, 1958 (sovm, with other); Complete correction of tetralogy of Fallot, Arch. Surg., v. 82, p. 793, 1961 (sovm, with other); The influence of the ventriculotomy site, on the contraction and function of the right ventricle, Circulation, v. 24, p. 572, 1961 (sovm, with other); Transverse ventriculotomy, Bull. Soc. int. Chir., t. 21, p. 345, 1962 (sovm, with other).

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