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GERATsI Mkhitar

GERATS Mkhitar (12 century — the beginning of 13 century) — the Armenian doctor, the classic of medieval medicine in Armenia. M. Geratsi well knew the Greek-Roman, Byzantine medicine and medicine of the people of the medieval East, and also ancient, medieval philosophy and natural sciences. He wrote several large compositions in which generalized multilateral experience of the medical practice. The most considerable of reached us — «A consolation at fevers» (1184) where it described an etiology and a pathogeny of acute infectious diseases and put forward the new concept of «plesnevaniye» of humors. It meant the process proceeding in material substance by a plesnevaniye. He considered, e.g., that typhus arises from «plesnevaniye» of blood. It treated works of antique and medieval classics of medicine critically, proving materialistically conceiving doctor.

M. Geratsi, as a rule, avoided abstract judgments of developing of diseases, connecting them with influence of external factors. It precisely for the time described a clinical picture of individual diseases. Its system of treatment — individual approach to patients, use of pharmaceuticals, balneotherapies, massage, psychotherapy, a dietotherapy. M. Geratsi was a supporter of preventive medicine.

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