GEORGIYEVSKY Anatoly Sergeyevich

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GEORGIYEVSKY Anatoly Sergeyevich

GEORGIYEVSKY Anatoly Sergeyevich (sort. in 1908) — the figure of the Soviet military medicine, the specialist in the field of the organization and tactics of medical service, military health care and history of medicine. Doctor of medical sciences (1952), professor (1953), lieutenant general of medical service. The member of the CPSU since 1940. Ended BMA (1932) and correspondence f-t of Military academy of M. V. of Frunze (1936). Till 1939 the army doctor, since 1939 the senior lecturer of the Kuibyshev VMA. In days of the Great Patriotic War — the divisional doctor of a cavalry division, the chief a dignity. department of army, deputy chief dignity. managements of the front. Since 1943 the deputy chief, and since 1947 the chief of department of the organization and tactics of medical service and at the same time the chief command medical f-that VMA of Kirov (1943—1945, 1947—1950).

In 1955 — 1969 deputy chief of academy.

A.S. Georgiyevsky began scientific activity in 1931 under the leadership of P. I. Timofeevsky and B. K. Leonardov.

A. S. Georgiyevsky — the author more than 400 scientific works, including the textbooks and monographs devoted to hl. obr. to development of theoretical bases of the organization of medical providing troops in wartime, history of the Soviet military medicine, including the period of the Great Patriotic War. In the monograph «Historical Sketch of Development of Health Service of Army Associations» (1955) for the first time in istorikomeditsinsky literature the systems of medical ensuring operational associations given about formation are generalized. A number of works is devoted to questions of methodology and a technique of scientific research in the field of medicine and health care.

A.S. Georgiyevsky's textbook «Basis of the organization and tactics of health service of field army» (1947) and some other works are published abroad. Under its management more than 50 dissertation works, including 21 doctor's are performed.

A.S. Georgiyevsky was the permanent representative of medical service of Armed Forces of the USSR in the International committee of military medicine and pharmacy, the member of the Academic council of TsVMU MO (1948 — 1970) and editorial board of the Military-medical magazine (1957 — 1971), the coeditor of «Organizational and tactical department» of the Encyclopaedic dictionary of military medicine and a redotdel «Military medicine» in 2 prod. BME. In 3 prod. BME — the deputy editor-in-chief of a redotdel «Military medicine. Health service of civil protection». Since 1959 the deputy chairman of All-Union science istorikomeditsinsky foundation.

It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner, the Labour Red Banner, two awards of Patriotic war of the I degree, two awards of the Red Star and medals.

Works: Lectures on the general questions of the organization and tactics of public health service, M., 1944 (sovm, with Krichevsky Ya. N.); Bases of the organization and tactics of health service of field army, M., 1947; Bases of the organization of medical and evacuation ensuring fighting of troops, L., 1950; The Bibliographic index (concerning the organization and tactics of health service in 150 years), L., 1952; Historical sketch of development of health service of army associations, L., 1955; Questions of history and theory of the organization and tactics of health service, L., 1956 (edition); The Soviet health care and cybernetics, M., 1966 (sovm, with other); Sketches of history of the Soviet military medicine, L., 1968 (an edition sovm, with Kuvshinsky D. D.); Fundamentals of military medicine, L., 1971; Sotsialnogigiyenichesky problems and effects of wars, M., 1975 (sovm, with Gavrilov O. K.).

Bibliography: Anatoly Sergeyevich Georgiyevsky, Voyen. - medical zhurn., No. 12, page of 82# 1968.

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