GEORGIEV Georgy Pavlovich

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GEORGIEV Georgy Pavlovich

GEORGIEV Georgy Pavlovich (sort. in 1933) — the Soviet biochemist, one of founders of molecular biology of a zooblast, the member correspondent of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1970). Having ended in 1956 the 1st MMI of I. M. Sechenov, worked in Ying-those morphology of animals of A. N. Severtsev with Academy of Sciences of the USSR. Since 1963 heads laboratory of biosynthesis nucleinic to - t in Ying-those molecular biology of Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

G. P. Georgiev in 1961 opened the RNA new type — nuclear RNA, edges is a high-molecular predecessor of information RNA in a zooblast (about-MRNK), developed methods of its allocation in pure form and studied its properties. He formulated (1972) the theory about the structural organization of functional genetic elements (units of a transcription) at the higher organisms. (1964) informoferes — the proteinaceous particles joining in a cellular kernel to again formed about-MRNK and participating in its transport to a nuclear membrane are opened for them. G. P. Georgiev formulated the general ideas of the mechanism of transport of genetic information in a zooblast, and also about the structural organization of chromosomes.

Works: Problems of transport of information RNA in a zooblast, in book: Usp., biol, chemical, under the editorship of B. N. Stepanenko, t. 10, page 5, 1969 (sovm, from Samarina O. P.); About structure of units of a transcription in cells of eukaryotes, in the same place, t. 14, page 3, 1973

O. P. Samarina.