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GENERALIZATION (Latin generalis the general) — distribution of pathological process on an organism (or to body) from the limited center. G. of a streptococcal infection, tuberculosis, a tumor can be an example. Main ways of G.: circulatory system (hematogenous G.), limf, system (lymphogenous and limfozhelezisty G.), natural channels or cracks (intrakanalikulyarny G.), distribution of process by growth of primary center (generalization of per continuitatem). Quite often the combination of several ways of G. (the mixed G.) takes place.

In physiology understand as the term «generalization» also spread of activation, napr, in bark of big cerebral hemispheres in the course of development of conditioned reflexes (see. Cerebral cortex ). First of all change of reactivity of an organism is the cornerstone; besides, the local factor (organ, fabric), and also a factor of virulence of a microbe, a virus matters. Leads to progressing of a disease, negatively influences functions of the major bodies, considerably weakening protective and adaptive mechanisms of an organism. It is necessary to distinguish from dissiminations (see), under a cut understand dispersion (usually hematogenous) in an organism of activators of process. Dissiminations is premises of.

A. I. Strukov.