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GEMATORAKHIS (haematorrhachis; grech, haima, haimat[os] blood + rhachis a spine, a backbone) — hemorrhage in the covers surrounding a spinal cord.

In peace time of G. arises after an injury, at hemorrhages from arteriovenous angiomas (malformation) of a spinal cord, rather seldom at hron, diseases of blood vessels and serious infectious diseases. At gunshot wounds of a backbone of G. it is most often combined with a bruise and wound of a spinal cord.

The clinical picture and the diagnosis

G. is shown by symptoms of irritation of covers and spinal roots. It is often combined from various degree by dysfunction of a spinal cord. At a spinal puncture cerebrospinal liquid of hemorrhagic or xanthochromatic character. At suspicion on an angioma the angiographic research of vessels of a spinal cord is shown. For determination of level of subarachnoidal hemorrhage isotope scanning and a miyelografiya can be used.


At arteriovenous angiomas, injuries of a backbone with a syndrome of a prelum of a spinal cord, is shown to an epidural hematoma an operative measure. In the absence of accurate symptoms of focal damage of a spinal cord rest, 2 — 3 bucketed spinal punctures in 2 — 3 days, appointment an epsilon - aminocaproic to - you and Vikasolum and other drugs strengthening coagulation is shown. The absolute recovery is often observed.

The forecast depends on a damage rate of a spinal cord.

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